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Shandong Longsheng Group relies on the jade mines invested and constructed in Canada to import and process a variety of precious jade materials such as jade and jade handicrafts at home and abroad. The jade products of our company are hand-made with the skills, use value, rich cultural connotation, and have the value of ornamental collection. Design and produce all kinds of gems and jade crafts. The company's products are sold all over the world and are loved by Chinese and foreign cultural figures. They are ideal souvenirs for relatives and friends. The company seeks development by reputation and survival by quality. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate. With a crystal-like heart, we do our best to serve our customers, let the jade craft enter thousands of households, beautify life, and purify the soul.
Longsheng Group
Longsheng Group



Address: No. 327, Beiyuan Road, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province

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