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leader's speech

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ss  Centuries reincarnation, a hundred years of vicissitudes. Riding the ship of history, we have entered a new century together. The new century, the new navigation mark, the new achievement, the new illustrious, the new journey. 
  Looking back on the past, in a place with rich Yimeng cultural heritage, Shandong Longsheng Group was born, grown, developed, and expanded here, and is striving for a diversified, group-oriented and internationalized modern enterprise goal. It can be said that the construction of the spring breeze of "Greater Linyi and New Linyi" provides an opportunity for Longsheng Group to grow; an international wholesale city has cultivated fertile ground for the sustainable development of Longsheng Group; the care and support from all walks of life is for Longsheng Group. The step-by-step climb provides great motivation for perseverance. It is precisely in this environment of time, location, and harmony that the persistent and enterprising Longsheng people have forged the entrepreneurial spirit of "hard work, self-improvement, loyalty, unity, pragmatism and efficiency, selfless dedication, and excellence" with sincere character. , The fine products in the industry have won the favor of the market and the recognition of the society.
  Looking at a bright future, opportunities and challenges coexist. "Seize opportunities, act quickly, innovate continuously, and pursue excellence" is the survival philosophy of Longsheng Group. Good financial management concepts, sufficient development funds, leading management level, perfect organization charter, and reliable resource guarantee have accumulated a strong competitive advantage for the rapid development of Longsheng Group's new goals. With the continuous support of all sectors of society, in line with the purpose of relying on the group, service group and dedication group, we will give full play to our advantages, improve service quality and improve economic efficiency as a means to continuously enhance anti-risk capabilities, actively expand credit and investment space, and open up The new business areas promote the continuous development of the group and the steady improvement of efficiency. Longsheng Group will surely be able to maintain the posture of a winner in the new market competition and make a positive contribution to the revitalization of Linyi's economy!

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