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The company mainly imports timber from New Zealand, Europe, South America and other regions, and has more than 20 years of timber import management experience. The types of wood include radiata pine, spruce, Uruguay pine, eucalyptus, etc. Among them, radiata pine, spruce and other imported wood have a high comprehensive utilization rate, including construction materials, peeling veneer, core board materials, furniture materials, laminated timber, Wood chips and biomass pellets are used for multiple purposes, and imported wood species are diversified, which can meet the production needs of different products. Linyi City and Rizhao City have a concentration of various wood processing and production plants, and a relatively mature wood processing market has been formed. The upstream and downstream industrial clusters such as drying kilns, bark, and sawdust are complete. Products can be sold throughout the country with a wide range of radiation. . At the same time, Linyi City is the country’s largest board production and export base, with large production demand, and the main import and digestion hinterland of the country’s main imported wood. Various types of wood imported through various ports provide Linyi City with ample quantities and rich categories of raw materials.
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