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Longsheng 2017 Annual Meeting Reports

Writer:Shandong LongshengDate:2017-12-27 15:26


On December 25, 2017, "hand in hand and create a brilliant future" -- the grand ceremony of the Longsheng 2017 Annual Meeting in Linyi Jinyushan mansion.More than 100 employees and family members gathered together to share the banquet. Wei xiupeng, chairman of Longsheng group, attended the party.This annual meeting is chaired by the group general manager, Shi Jiyun.

The annual meeting was kicked off with a warm opening speech by the host. General manager Shi Jiyun delivered a New Year's address.She shared the overall performance report of the headquarters and branch of the group in 2017 and the outlook for the work in 2018. She would like to express her sincere thanks to all the staff who have worked hard for a year. 

   The chairman awards the annual outstanding employees, a new energy electric vehicle.

 This annual conference programme is full of excitement and excitement.Warmth of saxophone, the strength of character, beautiful female voice solo, elegant male solo show, colorful, brilliant, intersperses among the lucky draw link, with the extraction of the third prize, second prize, first prize, continuously lifted the climax of the annual conference.The annual meeting not only brings laughter and laughter, but also makes colleagues feel closer to each other.The company leaders and staff friendly interaction, exciting lucky draw, let the song, applause, cheers all the time in the conference room.The climax of the annual meeting is all over the place, showing the joy and harmony of the extended family.


The glorious 2017 has passed, and the hope and challenge of 2018 comes quietly.In the past year we've ever smile, to hard, also harvest, in the face of 2018, we are full of hope and passion, let us longsheng people put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, and strive to create beautiful tomorrow longsheng.


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