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Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shandong was established

Date:2016-09-23 09:20

August 30, 2016, Canada Shandong Chamber of Commerce (Canada Shandong Chamber of Commerce Society) the inaugural meeting was held in Vancouver, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to congratulate, our chairman Mr. Wei Xiupeng was elected president.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shandong is legally registered in Canada. It is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization composed of immigrants from Shandong, skilled migrants, overseas Chinese and Chinese senior management personnel, social celebrities, experts and scholars living in Canada. Of the social groups.

In recent years, the economic and trade exchanges between China and Canada have become increasingly frequent, and the momentum of development is strong. The establishment of the association will establish a closer exchange platform for the friendly exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between Canada and Shandong, and promote bilateral trade, science and technology, education and culture. Cooperation play a good bridge and link role.

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