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Brazil is concerned about the Asian timber market

Date:2016-08-31 09:22

Brazil, one of the world's largest producers of wood and wood products, is in the process of developing incentives for the export of wood to Asian countries, especially China and Japan, in order to address the growing wood and wood products market in Asia. Venezuela, veneer and wood-based panels have a total capacity of 20 million cubic meters, but wood products account for only 2% of the global market, with less than 10% of total exports. In recent years, in order to increase exports, Brazil has begun to expand its share of the wood products in the international market and to increase investment in this area.
Brazil has the world 's largest tropical forests, forest reserves and species rich. Although the Brazilian log exports to China is still very limited, but the prospects are very broad products. China is no stranger to Brazil's wood species, such as high-quality solid wood flooring has been widely used in China. It is understood that the characteristics of Brazilian wood is hard material, miscellaneous trees, materials, performance-rich, in the long term is the Chinese board Fangcai, furniture, timber supply the main supplier of the country.

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