Invested and founded by Shandong Longsheng Group Co., Ltd., Longsheng International Wood Industry Park is built in two stages. The first stage laid ground and was built in January, 2010. The project was a key project in Linyi for 2010 that is also a key project for investment promotion. Located in the northern part of Pingshang section, Lanji Road, port industrial zone, Linyi City, the park draws a total input of 1.36 billion Yuan, covers an area of 1170 mu and a floorage of 76,000 square meters.
  Longsheng International Wood Industry Park consists of wood rough processing zone, wood precise processing zone, warehouse logistics zone, wood bonded zone (log freight yard), e-business center tower, modern logistics training center, business reception center, business zone and so forth as its main body. After the project is completed, the Industry will validly display such functions as e-settlement, financial settlement, logistics transfer, procurement, distribution and international trade. It will further complete supporting functions of the park, enhance economic radiation of the port, advancebig-area wood processing and trading center in our city, forges coastal featured industrial economy, propel rapid development of export-oriented economy in the port and hinterland, makes new city economy name-card in the port industrial zone and injects new vibrancy to rapid uprising of economic and industrial belt in Southeast Shandong.