The Group has input 0.12 billion Yuan to register Longsheng Gabon Forest Development Co., Ltd. in Republic of Gabon. The Republic of Gabon is known by the world as ‘country of green gold’ in Africa. Covering a land area of 260,000 square kilometers, its coverage of woods accounts for 85%, area of woods reaches 210,000 square meters and forest volume of around 2.8 billion cubic meters, raking the 3rd place in Africa; woods in Gabon mainly consists of two types namely Okoume (red walnut in China) and Aoqige, both of which are glue panel; the other type is hard weed tree including rose wood, chicken-wing wood and so forth that are used for floor and furniture. Each year, the country mainly exports a total of over 1 million cubic meters of woods to China that accounts for 60% of total export.
  Longsheng Gabon Forest Development Company covers an area of woods of 170,000 hectare with permission of development lasting for three decades. Woods of new products available for development cover 100,000 hectares. Main tree varieties for wood development and exploitation cover Moabi, Kosipo, Sapelli, Dibeou, Doussie, Bosse, Iroko, Izombe, Kavazingo, Fadouki, Wenge and so forth. Its subordinate tree varieties tally over 40. At present, a large proportion of wood development resources will help greatly relieve tight timber market needed by our country.