Shenghua Northern Mining Development Limited Liability Company was established with an input of 0.1 billion Yuan by working with Baohua International Group in January, 2007. Located in Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, the Company is specialized in exploiting iron mine and its exploitation period lasts over 3 decades in a mining area of 15 square kilometers. Its reserve of ore totals over 0.1 billion tons, annual production capacity reaching over 3 million tons, sales revenue attaining 0.6 billion Yuan and a tax of 0.15 billion Yuan.
  At present, Shenghua Northern Mining Development Limited Liability Company has grown into a medium company featuring reasonable organizational structure, proper investment, flexibleoperation mechanism, regulated operation and production and scientific management. It has the capacity to comprehensively exploit mining.
  Along with advancement of the era, Shenghua Northern Mining will exert itself to forge the country’s first-rated mine exploitation base by eyeballing on the development rend with lofty vision, seizing development opportunities with excellent gall, and determining the development strategies and extensive strategic policies with open horizon.