A century rolls by past. At the wheel of the history, we march into a brand new century. The new century marks new navigation mark, new attainments, new glory and new journey.
  In retrospect, Shandong Longsheng Group is growing and expanding in the place rich in Yimeng culture and marching towards the objective for a modern enterprise characterizing pluralism, collectivization and internationalization. It can be said that the spring breeze of ‘big Linyi and new Linyi’ has provided an opportunity for thriving growth of Longsheng Group; internationalized wholesale town has cultivated a fertile soil for sustainable development in Longsheng Group; forever support and love from all walks of the society has offered staunch gigantic impetus for Longsheng Group to move ahead. Against the macro setting of beneficial circumstances, the persistent and progressive people in Longsheng have been fostering enterprise spirits shaped by ‘arduous entrepreneurship, constant progress, unity, loyalty, pragmatism, high effectiveness, selfish dedication and perfection’ who have won over favor of the market and approval of the society with their integrity and quality goods in the field.
  Looking into a promising future, it is a combination of challenges and opportunities. ‘Snag the opportunity, take instant actions, make continuous innovation and go after excellence’ form the concept of survival in Longsheng Group. First-rated concept on money management, sufficient capital of development, leading management level, completed organizational rules and trustworthy guarantee of resources provide potent competitiveness edges to the surge of new objectives in the group. With support from all walks of the society for all along, by sticking to the tenet of drawing on the group, servicing the group and dedicating to the group, it gives full display to its advantages, puts boost of service quality and economic efficiency as the means, continuously enhances anti-risks capacities, actively extends the space of credit and investment, widens new business field, and spurs continuous development and steady improvement of efficiency in the group. Longsheng group will sure make active contributions to invigoration of economy in Linyi by presenting a winner’s posture in the new marketing rivalry.